Sunday, November 30, 2008


The term investment simply reefer's to the utilization of present resources/income to generate wealth in future.investment means the decision of an individual to risk his saving hoping to gain in can be goods produced ,buying of share ,taking a policy or buying land for real estate or commercial estate development.or it can be saving money in the hope of earning interest.

Investment may be used in different term business,economics,finance or saving but it is closely related with each other.

In business management an individual/manager determines the value of investment and creates consumer durable can be physical asset like building,machinery,intangible asset like software goodwill,financial securities like company stock or bonds so that the service from the goods can make his life better.

In economics an individual invest in the production of tangible goods like building a factory.railroad.or intangible such as on job training which are used by others for earning profit by sale and for future can be goods or service ,in this way a individual become s an entrepreneur.

The term investment in finance means buying of securities or monetary paper in money market,capital market or real estates for earning profit in actually signifies a lender.

In savings the term investment signifies an investor who has a share in business,

In the recent year investment has played a very important role in economic development of the world.according to UNCTAD(united nations conference on trade and development) in the developing countries investment has doubled in two years.
so what are you waiting for start investing now.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


In order to secure your life and to live a better life every individual have some plan for investment before retirement .but we don't know where to invest. There are many types of investment which can make your life smoother. Here is an overview of different investment companies and types of investment. Which will help you out?

1. EDWARD JONES INVESTMENT-was founded by Edward D Jones in the year 1922 presently in the financial service Edward Jones investment is among the top. it is a brokerage firm .It operates in the countries like US, UK ,CANADA. The main aim of the company is to maintain a long term relationship with its investor and to provide a quality service to its customer.

2. Fidelity investment-is among the best private held company in financial service, it currently deals with mutual funds, retirement planning, retail brokerage, and investment management .Edward C, Johnson started the company as a small mutual fund and now it have 100 investor center in the country due to its excellence in higher quality and best customer service.

3. Franklin Templeton Investment-Founded by Franklin in the year 1992 this company deals in the investment of funds and has succeed in the acquisition of Templeton.

4. Vanguard investment-headquarter situated at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania in USA, with a mission to render best financial service to us customer and abroad, it one of the largest investment management company. it offers services for both individual and institutional investor like retirement investing .savings, advisory service, consulting etc. the company was founded in the year 1975.

5. Fremont investment and loan-this company is a subsidiary of Fremont General Corporation which is an industrial bank holding company. The company deals in financial goods and services, commercial and residential real states loans .the total acquisition of asset is more than $10 billion.

6. Land investment-it can be referred as a long term investment and one of the safest and smartest way of investment with land price in rise due to scarcity of land as the real estate industry is in boom today.

7. Property investment-is basically termed as real estate investment or immovable properties of assets and is one of the booming industries worldwide and a major source of revenue for all countries.

8.Bank of America investment-it is one of the largest financial institution of the world with a service providing in 175 countries has relationship with 80% of the Global Fortune 500 companies and is one of the leading loan provider in USA . the investment products offered by bank of America are (BAI) it is a registered broker dealer and member of NASD and SIPC.

It has a bets investment and a well –qualified team of investment professional rendering services like money market fund, fixed income securities automated sweep service, tax advantaged investment, managed account solution and safekeeping service.

9. Financial advisers- they offer consultancy services which are run by a group of professionals or company. They charge commission from the clients .the services they offer are:-

Stock market investment options


Mutual funds consultant and operation

Retirement planning

Wealth management

Asset management

10. Private equity-private equity is a form of asset that deals in equity security which provides fund to the companies even when the market condition in worse condition.

11. Retirement plan-is an investment plan for security and income after your retirement after a certain period of time. it is better to start investing from the beginning of your job so that the accumulated amount will be a good amount, and also the interest earned on it will be also high. So it is always advisable to start early .the earlier you start the better you gain.

Monday, November 24, 2008


we all owe to a better life and for a better life proper planning need to be done,right from the beginning when we start earning ie from your first job.,because this is the time when money starts accumulating in your account from month to month and usually we don't have to do anything with your salary credited to your account except spending it in your families ,friends, or for yourself.

After that if if anything is left in your account it remains idle.There are few reason for this-

1.May be at that point of time you have not thought of any investment.
2.You just don;t know the procedure.
3.You are not aware of it.

Now the first reason is of utmost importance and even dangerous because when it comes to investment there is no such sooner or later the sooner you start the better you gain.

Now the question arises How to invest ? and Where to invest ?here are some tips which will help you in solving your investment problem.
1.Set a goal-the first thing you need to identify while going for any investment is to set goal ,What is your first priority,

2.Prepare to invest-once you have set your goal its time to analyze how much will be the amount you need to invest in order to achieve the target.a thorough market research should be done before coming to any conclusion,because there is always a risk factor.It totally depends upon you whether you want to go for a long term or a short term investment ,in a short term investment a risk factor always remains there,its idle to keep a balance in between two.

I will always suggest you to go for security of your and your family health and you can go for LIFE ,HEALTH AND MEDICAL INSURANCE,and i think it is the best way to start your investment .

3. Maintain a discipline-this refers to continuity in investment,investment does not mean by saving for a means there must be regularity in your saving.say ,for this month you have invested/save few bucks and the next you spent all your money ,this is not going to help you even if you have planned to save double for the coming there must be a continuous flow in investment.

4. Allocation of your asset-it is always advisable to plan your investment according to your need .like the time span of your investment .say for after two years you need a handsome amount for payment of your home loan so keeping things into mind you need to allocate your asset.

5.Identification of risky factor-always" THINK BEFORE INVESTING ".because there is always a risk factor,there are lots of option go for the best .study the risky factor,make provision for any emergencies.

6.Go for assistance-before going for any investment plan go for a consultant .there are relationship manager from your bank then can assist you on various investment options.Planing your investment is not an easy task it needs a thorough market research ,analysis and study,of day to day market start thinking now.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

BANKRUPTCY an overview

Bankruptcy is when an individual or organization ability to pay debt worsened ,which is legally declared.Bankruptcy is derived from"bancha rotta"an Italian word meaning broken bench.The whole process is designed and developed by the federal court to help an individual or an organization to get rid of debt or to repay them.The whole process is done under the Federal Bankruptcy Act,

BANKRUPTCY TYPES:- CHAPTER 7 and CHAPTER 13 are usually filed and most popular types of bankruptcy.other then that, CHAPTER 1,CHAPTER 3,CHAPTER 5,CHAPTER 9,CHAPTER 11,CHAPTER 12,are the subdivision according to FEDERAL BANKRUPTCY CODE.

It is always advisable to file bankruptcy when there is no alternative left.Bankruptcy doesn't mean that all your debt will be eliminated,it will just bring a temporary halt in your debt .

Things to be remembered while filing bankruptcy:-

1.Go for a lawyer who is approved by the court.

2.collect all the information and document you need to filling of paperwork's.

3.collect all credit reports,any debt gone for collection/not gone,the debts you owe,

4.collect your account number,address,and the final settlement for each creditors.

5.estimate your income and expenses.

The lawyer will then check whether the information gathered by you is correct or not and then proceed further.
But i will always advice you to go for a debt consolidation rather then "BANKRUPTCY".

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Credit repair service is all about getting rid of the negative items on credit report by proper negotiation with creditors with the help of a professional counselor to remove collection charges,late payment off from the report to maintain a good credit report.

This service helps us to raise our score level so that we can easily qualify for loan and credit at the best rates and terms,by a thorough identification of your past credit mistakes.There are professional experts who will help you by proper counseling.they organize various forum discussions.

There are various community,they provide free counseling.The credit counselors negotiates with creditor/collection agencies and eliminate all negative items from our report they also provide us with an alternate payment plan that is affordable to us.In this way they help us to manage our debt.

WHAT IS CREDIT SCORE ALL ABOUT-credit score signifies to a number based on financial trustiness,which is used by the money lenders to know,what are the probabilities of retrieving their credit back from you on time .There are various credit reporting agencies,who maintain credit reports on the basis of which the credit bureau scores are assigned.

CREDIT SCORE-how to maintain credit score and score well.

Good credit score can be maintained by following certain point.
1.You should maintain the accuracy of credit report.

2.Payment should be done on time.

3.Clear your all outstanding balance.

5.Don't lend any new debt without clearing your previous debt.

6.Close your old account at right time.

7.You shouldn't open new account in order to raise your credit scores.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Debt consolidation a big hit

Human wants are unlimited in order to satisfy our needs,we take a loan for that particular need thinking that we will be able to repay in due time but some time things dosen't work the way we have planned and then the financial crisis starts that turns out to be a burden for us.

This is the time when we start thinking how to come off this situation and we start looking for debt consolidation companies for counseling .This is the place where debt consolidation comes up to solve your problem by free counseling and financial analysis.There are many debt consolidation companies which offer you free counseling and professional advice though there are several ways which help us to become debt free, but then i will always advice you to go for debt consolidation because debt consolidation dosen't mean only consolidation of debt but it is a complete debt management package .it helps in repayment process of loan and to re- structure the poor credit which starts with negotiation and ends to a debt free future.

How does it works?

when you go for a debt consultant for free counseling they at first start evaluating your financial situation ,like the no of debt you have,the rate of interest and penalties,any financial charges etc,after that debtors starts negotiation with the creditors and comes to final settlement.

1.The total amount of debt is reduced/eliminated which was built over by the rate of interest and other financial charges and penalties.

2You have to pay single monthly payment for all the debts.debt consolidation covers all the unsecured debts into one monthly payment that is to be paid to the consolidated company and the company will disburse the fund to all the creditors.

The amount of debt can be reduced by 40% to 60% to be paid within 12 to 36 months by a debt negotiation program.

3.You don't have to remember the payment dates for all the accounts so that there will be no chance for any late payment or any fine.

4.The average rate of interest for all the creditors is lowered to much extent which you used to pay earlier.

5.You will get rid off the harassing calls by the collection agencies,the consolidation agencies will be representing you on your behalf.

Thus a debt consolidation program plan will help you a lot in saving few bucks for some emergency.and make you free frm debt to live a better and stress free life.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Home loan

Everybody wants to own a home,once you have decided to take a home the very next thing that comes to your mind is to take a loan,and when it comes to loan ,many questions arises like from where to take a loan? how to take a loan? how to choose between fixed rate and floating rate?

This is the place ,where we need to think twice while coming to a proper decision .because there are lot of option's in the market and we need to choose among the best.

Home loan is no long a far away,you don't have to run away to get it approved for yourself ,it has been simplyfied a lot. There will be a lot of plans,advertisement,easy installment which will be tempting you take a loan now and then.and the banking and finance industry are also there to help you out according to your desire.

The criteria and eligibility for taking loan has also been rationalized and any one can plan to take a home loan by fulfilling the bottom lines.

But then the question comes in mind that whether you should take a home loan or not because it is a long term assessment and you should not fall in debt.

I will advice you to keep it below 25% of your present net income,because you should have some reserve for any unforeseen situation,it may be healthcare,financial, or any other expenses.

Don't take any decision based upon estimation on future the home loan is a long term liability in this period your income may keep on rising,but so do your liabilities and expenses and may be the vice-verse. what will you do then?always keep all this thing in mind.

You should keep a balance between liabilities,expenses and income,and also remain stress free of the burden of EMI.


Life is to live about all the good memories that you and your family will cherish you by, when you are not there ,but do you think that it will continue .Because nothing is secured today,neither your life nor your job.

Until you are single ,its different but when you have a family your share of responsibility increases .Since quite few years after load's of hard work, time and energy you have acquired wealth,share of investment .Now think for a moment what will will after few year's when you are out of the picture.Will the wealth that you have acquired would suffice your family say after ten year's,as everyone one is aware of the economic condition overall.

We need to plan accordingly .in order to give a better life to your family so that there might no shattering due to lack of finance to your kids.Term life insurance can protect your family 'financial problem when your are not there by helping them for college and living expenses.

In order to secure your family of an unfortunate accident and leaving them in a state of misery and to ensure a safer future of your family you can choose with any policies that benefit you. however the best part of term insurance is that it is for a shorter period of time.This policy will secure your family from debt when you are not there.This policies also help in paying any loan/debt taken by you to own a home or a car when you are gone .say if you have bought a home and you need to pay monthly installment.If your spouse dies unfortunately then the dependent can pay off the bill in due date what ever be the situation of your home.

The term duration of the policies is totally dependent upon you as per your need , you can opt for a short term or long term,you should renew your policy term annually.Because life is unpredictable .We don't know what will happen tommorow.So it's better to secure your future tommorow