Sunday, November 30, 2008


The term investment simply reefer's to the utilization of present resources/income to generate wealth in future.investment means the decision of an individual to risk his saving hoping to gain in can be goods produced ,buying of share ,taking a policy or buying land for real estate or commercial estate development.or it can be saving money in the hope of earning interest.

Investment may be used in different term business,economics,finance or saving but it is closely related with each other.

In business management an individual/manager determines the value of investment and creates consumer durable can be physical asset like building,machinery,intangible asset like software goodwill,financial securities like company stock or bonds so that the service from the goods can make his life better.

In economics an individual invest in the production of tangible goods like building a factory.railroad.or intangible such as on job training which are used by others for earning profit by sale and for future can be goods or service ,in this way a individual become s an entrepreneur.

The term investment in finance means buying of securities or monetary paper in money market,capital market or real estates for earning profit in actually signifies a lender.

In savings the term investment signifies an investor who has a share in business,

In the recent year investment has played a very important role in economic development of the world.according to UNCTAD(united nations conference on trade and development) in the developing countries investment has doubled in two years.
so what are you waiting for start investing now.

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