Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hiring and firing in 2010

After the global economic turmoil we have recovered a lot, business is bouncing back after sharpest drop. Many large and small scale industries are growing up again and are looking for the investment. According to a recent survey this emerging growth in the industries had led many companies to start hiring employees.CEOs are planning to hire more this year. According to a (Pwc) PricewaterhouseCoopers survey of 1200 CEOs in 52 countries it was found that 39% of the industrialists are aiming to increase the number of employees on the other hand 25% plans to cut jobs.

However the plan to create job is very less in the small scale industries and much more concentrated in the large scale emerging markets where the wages are much lower. In spite of the growth and development CEOs are aware of the situation and they are taking their every step very carefully as because they are much concerned about the future. So the rise in job creation is not much as it was expected.

On the other hand almost 81% of the CEOs are confident about the growth of revenue in the next few months. Government is also planning to invest. Still they are not planning to increase their workfoce.And this is a matter of concern for every citizen.

Still things are looking better then the past few months and everyone is trying their best to make things better be it a CEO or an employee to survive in the market and make a better tomorrow.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do I need to pay off my mortgage before I retire?

There was time when people used to retire Debt free or mortgage free. But now time has changed more and more people are retiring paying their monthly home loan bills. It may be the effect of recent recession, whatever be the reason everyone is suffering more or less from this burden and lost their peace of mind. People are curious to know if they should pay of their mortgage before retirement. Should I pay of the house? Should I use that extra money for an Ira or 401(k)? Or if they should cut back on their retirement savings? It is always a tough decision to make. It’s not all about paying off. Its a combination of Investment, peace of mind also achieving piece of mind with a piece of action. Let’s hear it from Paul Merriman:-

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I need financial help

I need financial help. If this defines you then you are not only the one who is shouting for it. Almost all of us are in the same situation be it rich or poor. Every one is in need of financial assistance more or less and also it is one of the facts that human wants are unlimited and this need’s can’t be satisfied.

There are various programs to help you out, but the most important thing is that you need to know and judge your self what sort of financial need you are looking for. You need to define your need first. It may be anything, but don’t get confused and mix up otherwise you will end up in trouble. There may be various financial needs like you may need assistance in Debt counseling, management, Settlement etc.Then you need to look for better Debt Consolidation Company or may be a community site, go to the forum section and get free counseling. But you need to search for the best company. You can search on net.

Like this you may need some other financial assistance like on Housing, Mortgage, Real-estate, Investment, Insurance, and Credit counseling etc.But the main thing is to judge yourself. There are various government and non profit organization where you can get assistance on any issue at no cost; my suggestion will be to go for it first. You can also find these sites on internet. They also provide free assistance online.

So from next time don’t be among one of them who are shouting “I need financial help”.

Help yourself.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ways to cut the debt

Debt has become a headache for a lot of Americans since the rate of unemployment increased in 2009.Lots of people are in trouble in maintaining their bills and the mounting debt is becoming a burden for them, I just want to suggest some ways to cut out the debt:-

1.Reduce your housing cost:-If you are staying in rent you can opt for the cheaper one. Or if you are staying alone try to share your rent with your roommates,

2.Reduce your traveling expenses:-Don’t always hire a car for traveling; if you owe a car then you can save a lot, still try to use it less so that you can save a lot on fuel.

3.Reduce your Phone bills:-Minimize your phone bills by avoiding chatting over phone, Keep a Check on your phone bills, there are lots of cellular companies in the market choose the cheapest one. If you have landline you can avoid it if its not necessary and cut off the connection.

4.Reduce you luxuries of life:-Try to live moderately prioritizing your necessities of life. I can assure you can save a lot, No need to live a Carrie Bradshaw life.

5.Reduce your internet bills:-Try to save on your internet bills, don’t go on chatting whole night with your friends specially the young generation, if necessary use the cheapest package available in the market.

6.Reduce on Purchase:-It’s not always necessary to go for branded shops and end up paying a handsome amount for the same wardrobe which is available in the streets at low cost. Try to shop in bulk to get discount and bargain.

7.Reduce energy bills:-Try to use less electricity, don’t unnecessary switch on your Ac and T.V. and fall asleep for the whole night. I have seen this habit in many youngsters, Stop this.

8.Reduce your expenses on food:-Try to avoid fast food and if you can cook you own then you can save a lot and also it’s better for your health. Junk food are not always hygiene.

9.Reduce your education expenses:-If you have kids going school let them go public. The Council for American Private Education says that the average cost of private elementary and high school is about $4,689 a year, where public school are free.

10.Reduce cost on your bills:-Last but not the least pay off your bills in time and also save interest and fine. Don’t let them accumulate.

11.Reduce your credit card bills:-Stop using your credit card, this can save you a good amount.

I hope this will definitely help you in not getting into debt and also if you are already in debt then you will be able to come out of it with ease.Make 2010 a Debt free year for you.