Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Finance, family,friend the year 2009.....and me

The Celebration has began for the New year eve. 2009 is about to begin and we all are in a mood to relax.refresh,with our friends and family members.Holidays are on and every one is in joyous mood for the grand celebration making their own new year resolution.above all this it is also time to reflect on the year just ending what we did, what we missed out, what is our current state, and what we have to achieve in the year ahead.This is the time we need to think and make full use of it.

As everyone is busy making their on resolution there is something going in my mind also,My resolution for the year 2009 will be to find out what i am, not for me but for others.I am going to recapitulate what i did this year and what i am going to do this upcoming year,i will learn from my mistake and try not to repeat it again,i will nourish my mind and learn something new.i will complete all my pending works which i left last year,take care of my heath,do a lot of exercise to keep myself fit.beyond all this the most important thing is i will give time to my friends and family members to enjoy my life.

In term of financial matters i will set a target that i can achieve as we are aware of the current economic situation.In spite of all this no matter what ever be the situation i will try my best to bring a change in my life even if it is a little but it will mean a lot for me in tough time.this is altogether what i want to be in 2009.What is your plan for this year to make your dream into reality.

A new beginning is perhaps the best time to say....It's nice to know you..And here's wishing our friendship continues to grow in the day to come..Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finance,resolution and 2009

We all are at the doorstep of the beginning of a new year 2009.with all the good memories of 2008.New year Eve is always been the time to look what we gain or lost in the past year.what we achieved in terms of personnel as well as financial matters.the drawbacks and the areas to improve.But above all the important thing is, to look forward for this coming year.

New Year is not all about making resolution but to follow it through t the year.what happens mostly people make new year resolution,set some financial goals not only in financial matters but also in personnel life,to improve love life and to give a better life to our family members, but they don't follow through t the year and all this goes in vain,

So your new year resolution should not only to make resolution but to follow it and resolve it.Looking back to the year 2008 with the economy in a recession it will not be an easier task to make a positive financial resolution but if you set goals and follow it accordingly then who knows 2009 might be your,s .

  • Save more,
  • Make a budget of your daily expenses.
  • Cut down your extra, Lucrative expense.
  • Set a goal in terms of investment.
  • Invest smartly and in better organization.
  • And last but not the least spend time with your friends and family and live a better life.

Wish you all a happy new year 2009 filled with new hope,new joy.and new beginning.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Impact of web cable cut of across the cost of Egypt and the...effect on global economy.

The web cable cut across the coast of Egypt has disrupted the internet connection in the middle east and Asian countries since December 19th Friday morning causing a major problem in global economy.communication has been disrupted especially in between Europe to middle east and Asian the cables to the coast of Egypt act as a major link for internet and phone traffic in between those countries.

It is said the cable was damaged occurred possibly due to underwater earthquake in Taiwan.3 cables were damaged two belongs to the consortium of network companies and the third one is run by RELIANCE GLOBAL COM.

In the global economy where communication and whole business activities are done online through t the world are totally dependent on internet connection is experiencing a major loss.almost all the communication has been cut off or it is very slow which is effecting a lot to many business firms.

Almost all of the finance companies relies upon internet for speedy trading and also for communication through cable has been affected. According to James Blessing A spokesman for (ISP) Internet Service Provider's Association access to all sites will be slow where as some of the companies might lose their data also.The countries which are effected more by this cable cut are India,Bangladesh.mainly the ITE'S and the outsourcing companies.

Information from various sources says that it might took days to recover.But Egypt Minister of communication and information technology said that 80% of the internet service will be up within 48 hours.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Car insurance nowadays is not a complex term. It has become a much more easier process then it used to be, there are lot of car insurance companies providing insurance on cars according to your budget. all you need to find the best company on which you can rely upon and will provide you the best offer. For this the easiest way is to search on a web and then compare different companies with their coverage plan which is affordable to you .here are some tips that will help you find the best policy that suits you.

1.Always search for the best insurance provider, it doesn’t mean that you will have to buy a costlier policy there are some insurance companies providing coverage plan and better service at a much lower rate and in the process you will be able to save hundreds of dollars.

2. When you surf on the net you will find that some insurance companies cover vehicle only in one state while some big and well-known companies covers multiple states, so you need to find the best of them.

3. Always keep in mind that in each state liability is also considered as one of the important factor if you have better liability coverage it will be better for you in the long run.

4. Always prefer for the best coverage plan which have the full coverage like medical bills or any kind of financial help when you are not into in your job due to any accident.

5. Some time you will find some unnecessary coverage plan are included in it like roadside assistance, theft, towing, weather damage etc, which are not of utmost importance so avoid such plan.

6. Always try to have clear driving report like violating traffic rules, accidents, speeding tickets etc, this will help to minimize your insurance rate to a much extent.

7. There are some other factors also which can help to lower your insurance rates such as avoid sports car, because if you own a sports car then the interest rate will go a bit higher.

8. Good credit reports will help to minimize your insurance rate. So keep a good credit report.

9. Before going for any insurance company have a check with BBB (Better Business Bureau) about the company.

10. Last but not the least check all the document before you signs it. Read it carefully,

Insure your car at an affordable rate and with a good company and have a safe drive.

You can also use simple online quote forms for motorhome insurance and campervan insurance and compare quotes from leading motor trade insurance brokers.

Monday, December 8, 2008

INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE .......a dream come true

Real estate investment is one of the best option of investment and one of the smartest way to earn money within a short span of time.It is one of the booming industry,every country is willing to invest in this industry and why not it has helped in the the economy development of many developing countries.In some developing countries it has come up with one of the major source of income.So if you are planning to invest and want to get rich in a very short span of time then i will suggest you to go for real estate investment.

But before investing you should be aware of where are you investing .What are you investing.You need to get all the information regarding real estate industry,you can search this on internet.other then this there are real estate agents and brokers who are there to help you.apart from this you should personally gather all information by a survey and you should always remain updated about what's going in the real estate industry.

To get success in real estate investment, there are few things which you should keep in mind .Today there are plenty of investors in the market and you need to be best out of them so every step you should take will be of utmost care.when you are going to purchase a land or property.

At first sketch your plan according to your goal and then decide what to purchase ,where to purchase and how long you are going to own that property.What amount you want to invest etc.

Secondly if you are thinking of taking loan think about the interest rate that you will have to pay.go the best rate available in the market.(REIT) real estate investment trust is also there it has the property by which it can reduce corporate income tax or even can eliminate .We can be benefited from it also.

Thirdly decide the time frame whether you are going for long term or short term,usually most people buy a property and then sell it quickly because we have to pay for mortgage but a clever person will always hang on to that property to get benefited from tax and equity.

Fourthly invest in real estate only by proper analyzing and thorough market research because it won't forfeit everyday.You need to wait for the best time for buying or selling a property.

It is totally upon you how could you cope up with different situation in real estate industry.have a clear vision set your goals according to your plan .keep yourself updated and have a bright future .So be apart of real estate investment and earn more.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Fico score developed by Fair Isaac corporation was founded in 1956 is the most common used credit score in the world .It is available in all reporting agencies ,Equifax,Experian,Transunion,the company earned a revenue of $800 million in the year 2005 with about 3000 employee working around. The company has a client base of more then 1400 financial service provider which includes 99 of top U.S banks and 49 of top 50 global bank, it also serves about 100 telecommunication provider's worldwide.

Fico score is used by the creditors or lenders to evaluate a borrower's creditworthiness based on the information provided on your credit score, Fico score can be calculated by credit bureau if only you have at least 1 account open for 6 month or more and 1 undisputed account reported to the bureau in past 6 month

Factor affecting credit score.

1. Affect of payment history on your credit score (35%):-it includes

    • Your mode of payment,
    • Number of payment you have missed and the time since you have missed.
    • Do you have any negative report like bankruptcy, collections etc.

2. The amount you owe right now (30%)

  • Total number and types of account
  • There should be balance in ratio to total credit loan and original loan

3.the time frame of your credit history (15%)

  • The time since you have opened different account

4. Any new credit (15%)

  • Recently opened account and recent credit enquiries
  • The way you have solved your past credit

5. The types of credit loan you have opted for (35%)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


when you decide to apply for a new credit or loan the first thing that comes to your mind is how good is your credit is very important because the lender or borrower will judge your creditworthiness how potential you are as an borrower and then they will evaluate your is a 3 digit number which ranges from 300 to 850.given below are some tips which will help you to repair your credit score.

1.Always pay in time and don't miss any payment because if have not made your payment within 30 days your credit score may be reduced by 50 points and can be sent to pay it off even if your account is in can pay your bill through bank account in order to avoid late payment.

2.Always try to shop for new credit within a 30 day period especially for auto loan and mortgage which will help you to score better.also don't open many account at a time as it will effect your credit score when comparing your available credit limit and credit used also it will reduced the average age of your account and reduce your score.

3.Don't move your debt from one account to another just try to pay it off , because it will lower your score as the amount of debt is same but the account opened are few.

Try to keep your debt to credit utilization by 30% of your credit limit in order to increase the length of your credit history.

4.whenever you are allowing anyone to use your credit card account keep things in mind that the authorized person does not misuse it or spend more which you will not be able to pay it off later,it will effect your credit score.

5.Don't use too many store cards which are not affiliated to a national creditor like master card ,visa card .Credit bureau considered this as risky as this are way to get into debt.

6.whenever there is a change in your name you should report to the credit bureau even the address remain same otherwise the credit bureau will prepare a separate credit report which will effect your score.

7.Check your credit report on a regular basis for any discrepancy.

This will help you to score better and qualify for getting credit at a better rate of interest.