Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Finance, family,friend the year 2009.....and me

The Celebration has began for the New year eve. 2009 is about to begin and we all are in a mood to relax.refresh,with our friends and family members.Holidays are on and every one is in joyous mood for the grand celebration making their own new year resolution.above all this it is also time to reflect on the year just ending what we did, what we missed out, what is our current state, and what we have to achieve in the year ahead.This is the time we need to think and make full use of it.

As everyone is busy making their on resolution there is something going in my mind also,My resolution for the year 2009 will be to find out what i am, not for me but for others.I am going to recapitulate what i did this year and what i am going to do this upcoming year,i will learn from my mistake and try not to repeat it again,i will nourish my mind and learn something new.i will complete all my pending works which i left last year,take care of my heath,do a lot of exercise to keep myself fit.beyond all this the most important thing is i will give time to my friends and family members to enjoy my life.

In term of financial matters i will set a target that i can achieve as we are aware of the current economic situation.In spite of all this no matter what ever be the situation i will try my best to bring a change in my life even if it is a little but it will mean a lot for me in tough time.this is altogether what i want to be in 2009.What is your plan for this year to make your dream into reality.

A new beginning is perhaps the best time to say....It's nice to know you..And here's wishing our friendship continues to grow in the day to come..Happy New Year

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