Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finance,resolution and 2009

We all are at the doorstep of the beginning of a new year 2009.with all the good memories of 2008.New year Eve is always been the time to look what we gain or lost in the past year.what we achieved in terms of personnel as well as financial matters.the drawbacks and the areas to improve.But above all the important thing is, to look forward for this coming year.

New Year is not all about making resolution but to follow it through t the year.what happens mostly people make new year resolution,set some financial goals not only in financial matters but also in personnel life,to improve love life and to give a better life to our family members, but they don't follow through t the year and all this goes in vain,

So your new year resolution should not only to make resolution but to follow it and resolve it.Looking back to the year 2008 with the economy in a recession it will not be an easier task to make a positive financial resolution but if you set goals and follow it accordingly then who knows 2009 might be your,s .

  • Save more,
  • Make a budget of your daily expenses.
  • Cut down your extra, Lucrative expense.
  • Set a goal in terms of investment.
  • Invest smartly and in better organization.
  • And last but not the least spend time with your friends and family and live a better life.

Wish you all a happy new year 2009 filled with new hope,new joy.and new beginning.

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