Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hiring and firing in 2010

After the global economic turmoil we have recovered a lot, business is bouncing back after sharpest drop. Many large and small scale industries are growing up again and are looking for the investment. According to a recent survey this emerging growth in the industries had led many companies to start hiring employees.CEOs are planning to hire more this year. According to a (Pwc) PricewaterhouseCoopers survey of 1200 CEOs in 52 countries it was found that 39% of the industrialists are aiming to increase the number of employees on the other hand 25% plans to cut jobs.

However the plan to create job is very less in the small scale industries and much more concentrated in the large scale emerging markets where the wages are much lower. In spite of the growth and development CEOs are aware of the situation and they are taking their every step very carefully as because they are much concerned about the future. So the rise in job creation is not much as it was expected.

On the other hand almost 81% of the CEOs are confident about the growth of revenue in the next few months. Government is also planning to invest. Still they are not planning to increase their workfoce.And this is a matter of concern for every citizen.

Still things are looking better then the past few months and everyone is trying their best to make things better be it a CEO or an employee to survive in the market and make a better tomorrow.

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