Wednesday, November 26, 2008


In order to secure your life and to live a better life every individual have some plan for investment before retirement .but we don't know where to invest. There are many types of investment which can make your life smoother. Here is an overview of different investment companies and types of investment. Which will help you out?

1. EDWARD JONES INVESTMENT-was founded by Edward D Jones in the year 1922 presently in the financial service Edward Jones investment is among the top. it is a brokerage firm .It operates in the countries like US, UK ,CANADA. The main aim of the company is to maintain a long term relationship with its investor and to provide a quality service to its customer.

2. Fidelity investment-is among the best private held company in financial service, it currently deals with mutual funds, retirement planning, retail brokerage, and investment management .Edward C, Johnson started the company as a small mutual fund and now it have 100 investor center in the country due to its excellence in higher quality and best customer service.

3. Franklin Templeton Investment-Founded by Franklin in the year 1992 this company deals in the investment of funds and has succeed in the acquisition of Templeton.

4. Vanguard investment-headquarter situated at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania in USA, with a mission to render best financial service to us customer and abroad, it one of the largest investment management company. it offers services for both individual and institutional investor like retirement investing .savings, advisory service, consulting etc. the company was founded in the year 1975.

5. Fremont investment and loan-this company is a subsidiary of Fremont General Corporation which is an industrial bank holding company. The company deals in financial goods and services, commercial and residential real states loans .the total acquisition of asset is more than $10 billion.

6. Land investment-it can be referred as a long term investment and one of the safest and smartest way of investment with land price in rise due to scarcity of land as the real estate industry is in boom today.

7. Property investment-is basically termed as real estate investment or immovable properties of assets and is one of the booming industries worldwide and a major source of revenue for all countries.

8.Bank of America investment-it is one of the largest financial institution of the world with a service providing in 175 countries has relationship with 80% of the Global Fortune 500 companies and is one of the leading loan provider in USA . the investment products offered by bank of America are (BAI) it is a registered broker dealer and member of NASD and SIPC.

It has a bets investment and a well –qualified team of investment professional rendering services like money market fund, fixed income securities automated sweep service, tax advantaged investment, managed account solution and safekeeping service.

9. Financial advisers- they offer consultancy services which are run by a group of professionals or company. They charge commission from the clients .the services they offer are:-

Stock market investment options


Mutual funds consultant and operation

Retirement planning

Wealth management

Asset management

10. Private equity-private equity is a form of asset that deals in equity security which provides fund to the companies even when the market condition in worse condition.

11. Retirement plan-is an investment plan for security and income after your retirement after a certain period of time. it is better to start investing from the beginning of your job so that the accumulated amount will be a good amount, and also the interest earned on it will be also high. So it is always advisable to start early .the earlier you start the better you gain.

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