Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Credit repair service is all about getting rid of the negative items on credit report by proper negotiation with creditors with the help of a professional counselor to remove collection charges,late payment off from the report to maintain a good credit report.

This service helps us to raise our score level so that we can easily qualify for loan and credit at the best rates and terms,by a thorough identification of your past credit mistakes.There are professional experts who will help you by proper counseling.they organize various forum discussions.

There are various community,they provide free counseling.The credit counselors negotiates with creditor/collection agencies and eliminate all negative items from our report they also provide us with an alternate payment plan that is affordable to us.In this way they help us to manage our debt.

WHAT IS CREDIT SCORE ALL ABOUT-credit score signifies to a number based on financial trustiness,which is used by the money lenders to know,what are the probabilities of retrieving their credit back from you on time .There are various credit reporting agencies,who maintain credit reports on the basis of which the credit bureau scores are assigned.

CREDIT SCORE-how to maintain credit score and score well.

Good credit score can be maintained by following certain point.
1.You should maintain the accuracy of credit report.

2.Payment should be done on time.

3.Clear your all outstanding balance.

5.Don't lend any new debt without clearing your previous debt.

6.Close your old account at right time.

7.You shouldn't open new account in order to raise your credit scores.

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