Saturday, January 1, 2011

Personal finance 2011......Predictions and Tips

With the beginning of new year 2011 everyone has started predicting what will be this year resolution, for the betterment of personal as well as financial matters.Last year was a year of ups and down in-spite several cost cutting and other measures to cut the budget deficit taken by the government.There were few investors who got good return,very few become rich.others struggle and overall it was a mixed result.As we are heading towards new year everyone has started assuming what will be new this year,what to get the best out of it,each of us a goal to achieve.Some one is planning,some already planned and others still waiting and predicting.Many experts had already put their views and opinions on different subject matters.

My suggestion for this new year from a investor point of view will be to invest in real estate,mortgage,this industry is booming and if we are willing to invest definitely we will get return,other then this you can invest in gold,prices of gold is going to touch the sky in recent time.If you are willing to invest in the commodity market and luxury goods item if you definitely be a gainer this year.Specially on some branded products.recent trend in the commodity market and luxury items has shown a high rise in income.People are more and more concerned about their standard of living and this has increased a high standard of living among the people and accumulation of luxury goods.Another very good place to invest is in Food items as the cost of food items are growing to increase day by day and each one of us is aware of it.Investment in paddy farm,tea state,dairy products will make you rich this year.This are few of my simple tips to be rich this year,many more details are yet to come,Hoping for the best,

So invest but Smartly.

Wish all my readers a very happy and prosperous new 2011.

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