Friday, February 19, 2010

5 Ways to Lower Your Debt Payments

Are you in Debt? Is your mounting debt has become a burden for you and you might be feeling that you may never come out of it. Thinking of only some miracles can save you. Don’t give up. Here are few tips which will help you out. At least some of this point will definitely help you to manage your debt and to pay off at certain extent.

1.Try to negotiate with your creditors-Start collecting all your billing and other statement, check your credit report .Make a list how much you owe. Check out your financial strength and then figure out how much you will be able to pay to each creditors. try to contact each creditors one by one ant talk to them how much will you be able to pay. Tell them the amount if they don’t agree talk to their senior level but don’t argue and loose your temper. After all is done. Make sure you have a written agreement.

2.Consolidate your debt-Try to lower your monthly payments by combining your debt. You can use a debt consolidation loan also home equity loan but be careful while looking for a loan otherwise you will end up paying more interest if your repayment plan is too long.

3.Try to use transfer balance credit card-are you maintaining a good credit score then you can get a balance transfer credit may be sometime @ a 0% introductory interest rate so that you can pay your debt without any interest.

4.Credit counseling-Sign up for free credit counseling program. Their skilled and trained professionals will help you to manage your debt well. They will check your financial strength and budget and make your payment plan easier.

5.Filing bankruptcy-when you think that the debt you owe is too much to pay off then you can go for filing bankruptcy. In this case Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy will help you out to wipe out completely some debt and to make an affordable payment plan.

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