Friday, December 11, 2009

Money saving guide for this Christmas.

Hi Friends with Christmas approaching nearer we all are in a joyous mood, some of school and colleges are already gone for holidays. Many have taken leave for the preparation of grand Christmas celebration. It party time, time to laugh, play, enjoys and has fun.

Every one will be busy shopping for gifts, new clothes, accessories and many more, in the other word we can say that it is also time to spend more. Yes definitely enjoy but keeping in mind of your financial strength. Here are some tips which will help you to budget your expenditure for this Christmas.

  1. Make budget-Asses your financial strength and then make a budget how much you can afford before hitting the shop.
  2. Prioritize your expenses according to your need and importance.
  3. Go for sales-There will be a lot of shops in the streets offering discounts and sales on this holidays. Figure it out and try to get maximum benefits from those shops so that you can save few bucks.
  4. When going for shopping always try to compare prices from different markets and shops. Nowadays it has become easier as you can find everything online on net. There are also some websites where you will find the exact price for everything be it Christmas puddings or bottles of Champagne. Also you can save much time and fuel if you can buy online.
  5. Try to avoid credit card as much as you can to avoid from getting in debt. If it is too important then you can use 0% credit card.
  6. Some shop also offer some discount cards or point’s card for the maximum benefit .you can use those cards to avail the offer.

So these are few simple tips from my side to avoid your excessive expenditure during this festive season keeping in mind of your full excitement and enjoyment. Just follow these simple tips and enjoy the fullest.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

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