Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Motorhome Insurance: The freedom to roam

Having a motorhome gives you the freedom to roam, to travel at will, to nearly any holiday destination of your choice. It negates the need to book a B&B, hotel room or pitch a tent. That also makes them ideal for going to seasonal events like music festivals or big sporting fixtures. There are also plenty of other people out there could make good use of your motorhome, so they are often hired out as a source of extra income.

But with freedom, comes responsibility. Motorhome owners need to get the right kind of insurance to maintain that freedom.

When shopping around for motorhome insurance, there are some of things you need to remember. The basic information you provide when getting a quote must be accurate, so if you hire it out you could check any boxes that ask if you use it for anything other than touring, and how often it leaves the country. A good motorhome insurance quote website will have these and more questions- it is sign that you are dealing with a reputable company.

This is the type of information you should have to hand when getting a quote:

· First identify the make/model of your motorhome- Elddis, Winnebago, Fourwinds, and Cherokee are some popular makes.

· The annual mileage of the vehicle.

· It’s engine size.

· How many years no claims bonus you may have on any other vehicle.

· Non-standard details such as whether it was imported or what modifications it has had.

· The type of security fitted for your motorhome.

· If you’re a motorhome club member.

· Where the motorhome is normally parked- on the street, in a garage, in a lock-up etc.

These are just some of the things you need to consider when looking to compare motorhome insurance quotes.

As with other insurances, motorhome insurance is priced according to the risk that drivers present. Fortunately most motorhome drivers tend to travel at a leisurely pace and are rarely involved in accidents.

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