Friday, October 30, 2009

America’s Silver-Collar capitals..Are you planning to postpond retirement.

Things have change a lot in the recent years especially after the great recession. Long ago after a certain age people used to start thinking of retirement and planned to have relax life enjoying a cup of tea in the balcony with their entire family, playing with kids, watching the sunset in the beautiful twilight of dusk. But now things are changed totally people have ample time of pleasure in their nearing retirement age.

Yes off course there are certain reason, the financial condition is not too good as it to be before. A simple middle class people hardly can save anything for future. Cost of living has become higher and price of commodities are increasing day by day. So people are planning to work after retirement also, some has postponed their retirement for years.

In America lots of individual nearing retirement age plans to work more and some are started working after retirement and they are finding themselves lucky to work in Silver collar capitals-spread all across U.S. which includes Anchorage, Alaska, Washington, D.C. Southern Connecticut, Lincoln, Neb. Lexington, Ky. And many more…

According to the latest census report available till 2008 the 10cities spread over in silver collar capitals have the highest percentage of working people with age 62 and above. And still many are looking for job. The percentage rate has certainly increased more after recession. America's Silver-Collar Capitals, has been found from the data of the U.S. Census Bureau's 2008 American Community Survey. of the metro areas.

My Intention to write this post was not to get people scared who are in age of retirement or planning to retire, but to make people and our present government aware of the situation what it could be after few years and where we will be.

So if you are young and currently employed or a businessman this is the perfect time to work hard as much as you can and make you financially stable so that you don’t even have to think to work more at a certain age and you can retire with a free mind hoping to enjoy your old age with your family….

Good Luck.

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