Thursday, September 17, 2009

Can we predict the next world crisis?

It has been not so long we have just come out of those black days of world crisis, which reminds as of Lehman Brothers Implosion which was one of the major causes of world market turmoil. It also reminds us of the day when the whole world suffered from food hunger, unemployment.Lots of people lost their job, some became homeless. But the question is why I am trying to remember you those bad days of horror. The thing is that we are still not able to come out fully of those days and there is always a fear in our mind. Already some people have started doing predictions that is their any chance of next global shock and if so what may be the possible reason. Even Scientist are also working hard and doing research so that at any point of time any situation arises where there might be any possibilities of repetition of such things to happen then we will be ready to fight that situation and also to take precaution.

It is very difficult to predict what may be the possible reason of next global shock; it can be geopolitics, terrorism, war, earthquakes, extreme weather events or pandemics.

Terrorism is increasing all over the world; Already there is a threat of Global warming we are working on it though not succeeded it fully, people are finding difficulty to find a good job and earn their living. So this are the reasons which can be a big threat to a big shock in spite of we have faced the situation once and we are technically much more advanced then before.

Now the conclusion is that we are aware of the situation and this is the high time when we need to be globalize and each nation should join hands together forgetting everything and work on it so that those black day of terror should not be repeated again. Because this is not the problem of a country or states it is problem of whole nation.

Come join hands and save this beautiful world.

Let us visualize a better word tomorrow......

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